Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Red Card Headbutt: Big Boss Man v.s. Freddy Kreuger

Sunday, November 4, 2012

On Colt Cabana and Adam Pierce throwing down the NWA Title

Just a thought I had folks.  Now that Colt Cabana and Adam Pierce have thrown down and abandoned the NWA World Title, does that officially mean that the Hobo Camp Title is officially more meaningful than the current NWA World Heavyweight Championship?  Leave your comments on the Red Card Headbutt Facebook.  Thanks!

By the way Colt, "I've got a podcast" is not a very good rallying cry.  Matter of fact, Rocky's son screaming "Come on Dad, he took my room" is more inspirational of a battle cry than "I've got a podcast".  Just sayin..

RCH Heroes Of Wrestling Pledge Drive

Hi there folks,
     I've been looking for some time for a project for Red Card Headbutt that will send the show into the heights that I believe it deserves.  I also recently found the Heroes Of Wrestling PPV, the whole damned thing, on YouTube.  So here is my challenge and pledge to you fans.  When the RCH Facebook page gets to the 500 likes mark, I will produce an extra long episode featuring the entire show.  The worst pay per view of all time, in spectacular Red Card Headbutt form.  So pass this around and let folks know about the show.  The more people that get on board, the faster you get to see the fine folks at Channel 72 rip this one to pieces!

By the way, here is an unadulterated version of the show to show you how bad it actually is if you've never seen it.

Red Card Headbutt EYE-PPV "Throwdown In Bumtown"

Wednesday, October 17, 2012